Three Flat Tires and a Funeral

22 Aug

Time flies so fast. Before we know it, we are heading to another month. My month… September. Why my month? Coz soon, I will turn (gulp!) 25 years old. Anyway, enough about my age…

Since I’m this blog’s owner, I feel obliged to actually write before this month ends. Let me give a big sayote apir to those who left their comments especially on the last entry, the second issue of The Paano Pag chronicles. FYI, I have not experienced this and I hope it won’t happen to me. The Paano Pag Chronicles issues are just events I suddenly think of and decide to write about. Yes people, when I think of something to write about, I have to let it out of my system. Hey, never miss a creative thought as they say.

August for me had its share of both ups and downs. The usual funny events, adventures and misadventures. You get the picture.

Let me just start by relating an incident which just happened yesterday. The taxi I was riding on my way to Cubao Victory terminal had a flat tire. We were about 50 meters away from the terminal. (Yes,I’m in Baguio right now)

Not a weird revelation?

Well, how about if I told you that this happened to me 3 times this month! Same situation. A few meters away from my destination, the taxis I rode on had a flat tire. Yes people, three times. Whenever I ride a taxi, LIKE MAGIC, it will have a flat tire.

Must be me being overweight (???)

Not only that, just this Wednesday, I rode a taxi from SM North. This taxi was running on LPG. Not the usual gasoline. Then the LPG’s warning light came on – that is, the LPG is running empty. The driver cursed under his breath. I did the same.

I don’t know why this is happening to me. Suddenly, the world decides to go against me through taxi rides. How unlucky am I, ei?

If anyone knows what this means, please contact me. Either I’m getting unlucky with taxis, or more and more drivers neglect their duty to have their taxis checked.


So much for that…

This month, Arjud and Nagarjud died.

Who the hell are Arjud and Nagarjud?

These are (were) my 2 goldfish (goldfishes). Yes, they have names. Where I got the names, you’d just have to ask me.

I didn’t cry of course. I just felt bad. They were, after all my companions in Manila. I do talk to them whenever I get the chance. Especially when Sayote King and I have our everyday LQ’s (lover’s quarrel). They’re good listeners I must say.

And just because I overfed them, they gave up on me. I didn’t do it in purpose of course. I was thinking that if I’ll give them more, they would be happier. Bad idea. [SQ: my bad! my bad!)

So now, I’m a goldfish murderer.

Lesson? That too little or too much is bad.

Arjud and Nagarjud are now burried in the apartment’s septic tank. I flushed them down my toilet bowl. Sorry, I don’t know of any goldfish memorial parks.


Speaking of memorial parks, one of my titos actually announced his birthday gift to my tita: a LOT in one of the memorial parks in La Union. This lot was supposed to show his wife that he cared for her and thought of her future (when she dies).

I didn’t know what my tita thought of the gift. For me, I’d rather not say. Nothing wrong naman siguro. I was thinking of a more traditional gift. Like a necklace or something.


Sumweldo na ako sa paluwagan. Kaya bibili ako ng pasalubong sa mga kasama ko sa paluwagan. Hmm… is that right? Parang binalik ko lang ah.






ANOTHER ROUND OF PASALUBONGS when I get back to Manila 🙂


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