Baguio Food

11 Aug

I have tried living in another country and I am living proof to the cliché “home sweet home”. I do not know why the Philippines has much effect on my sense of patriotism, if you would like to call it that. I do not know why the Philippines has much appeal on me. Must be the principle of jus soli running through my cholesterol-filled arteries.

With all the chaos going on, majority of people do not see this country as a haven for growth, development and promoter of conducive living conditions. While political bickering is the main attraction in our country (I think), it is always a relief to know that when things go wrong in our country, there’s always a Pinoy smile (and beauties) that can make everything feel much better.

However, I will not dwell on patriotism and politics. I love my country, and just like any other person, no country is perfect too… We all have comments about our country. I say, just love it.

Let’s dwell on something more appetizing then…

I remember when I was in first year college taking up Pharmacy in Saint Louis University, I was introduced to a store selling various street foods. It was a stone’s throw away from SLU. It was located on a street corner going to New Lucban. My favorite food there is tok neneng. I recently found out that this was not called by that name here in Manila though. Quail eggs covered with an orange flour mixture. To top it all off, a generous amount of hot sauce will be poured by the ‘ale’. I remember I would eat a dozen , okay I’m kidding. We usually ate 4 to 6 pieces, depending on how hungry we were or how much extra allowance we had. We usually drank sago’t gulaman with this.

My favorite place to eat lunch is Marosan’s, located near the Otto Hahn building of Saint Louis University. But they have a branch near New Lucban too and in front of SLU main gate. My favorite is Marosan Rice. Pork chop/ chicken, with fried rice, vegetables and a sunny side up egg. I usually have condiments by my side: soy sauce with calamansi at sili. Double yummy.

On the later part of my college days in Saint Louis University, I was introduced to betamax, isaw, and one day old. There’s also this chicken leg that the ‘tindero’ fondly calls adidas, although I never tasted it.

Betamax you say? Yes, betamax. And it ain’t the thing that you insert on betamax players. I haven’t tasted it though. My friends say it’s delicious.

Of course, one day old is my personal favorite with matching vinegar. Tastes like heaven. Better than ice cream. Well, ok, ice cream is great too.

Isaw… Well, I buy isaw whenever barbecue is not available. I believe these are chicken intestines, which are thoroughly cleaned of course. I hope.

And who could beat balot in the cold city of Baguio? It’s always great to sip on it during a chilly night. I do not mind having a date who buys me balot. I think he would be original. And original for me is romantic .

One of my favorite restaurants in Baguio is GOBI. Food is served in large bowls. Affordable too. I usually eat here everytime I go back to Baguio. You should try it too. It’s along Session Road near La Azotea Building. My favorite is Gobi Rice and their chicharon bulaklak. Panalo!

Another personal favorite is Balajadia’s. It’s in Slaughter House along Magsaysay Road. I do not know why the place was called as such. But everytime my Dad would ask us where we would want to eat after going to church (yes people I do go to church), we would reply, “Sa slaughter house”.

I’m telling you, if you go here, you will not expect nothing more than a bulging tummy. Food is cheap and delicious. I remember on my most recent trip to Baguio with Sayote King, we ate here and paid only 165 pesos for a meal that we were not able to finish eating because we were too full to continue. I love their bulalo. It’s heaven made on earth next to “you-know-what” .

As you can see, everything goes for me. I am not the type who gets disgusted on streetfoods. While I am risking myself for a worst case scenario thypoid fever if ever what I eat is contaminated, it’s hard for me to reject delicious food. I think that’s why my past BF’s and current BF have/had no problem with me coz I’m a ‘koboy’. Did that sound like a friendster profile intro? Or was it just my fingers typing?


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