Personality ng Sayote

25 Jun

So, heto na naman ako, walang magawa sa buhay. Bloghopping maghapon.

Napadaan ako sa site na ito. World’s Shortest Personality Test

Wow. Get Get Awww!

So heto ang resulta… Nakakabilib nyahaha

Your Personality Profile

You are nurturing, kind, and lucky.
Like mother nature, you want to help everyone.
You are good at keeping secrets and tend to be secretive.A seeker of harmony, you are a natural peacemaker.
You are good natured and people enjoy your company.
You put people at ease and make them feel at home with you.

The World’s Shortest Personality Test

Maniwala ka man o hindi. Yan ang sabi niya eh šŸ˜› Belat


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